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The orders of love

Each of us has three level of conscience. Firstly, the conscience we have as an individual which state to us what is right and wrong, the responsibilities and our reactions. Secondly is the collective conscience of our family of origin, the connections and influence which can be reached to many generations. Thirdly, we participate in the conscience of our ethnic and national groups for example; Muslim, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu and etc.

 In family system, it works with identifying the collective conscience. The collective conscience is powerful, hidden and tricky. The collective conscience work in an invisible way and it does not show its presence through feelings of guilt if we are against it, we are not aware of where it comes from and it exists being we unable to identify it directly. The collective conscience works from within the family as a whole.

 In collective conscience itself have three principles or orders, we call it the orders of love: Order of Belonging, Order of Hierarchy and Order of Balance.

(Photo, credit to Simple Ayurveda)

Order of Love or Family Constellation method and principles was developed at the beginning of the 1980s by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist, philosopher, theologian and pedagogue. Influenced by the Group Dynamics, Primal Therapy, Transactional Analysis and various types of Hypnotherapy, he adapted the method to contemporary therapeutic approach. This is one of the official methods in traditional medicine, recognized by the Ministry of Health, Republic of Serbia, according to Article 6–Ordinance on the conditions, manner and procedure for carrying out the methods and procedures in the traditional medicine.

The constellation process bring us to go back in time to resolve those entanglements to the Orders of Love and allowed the order of love to flow freely again. We reconnect with our own life path and fulfill our own purpose and destiny.

Bear in mind that whatever happened, we cannot change it, but we can acknowledge it by bringing it to consciousness that which has been hidden and honoring whatever had happened.

The next following blog I am going to talk about the 3 orders: the Order of Belonging,

the Order of Hierarchy and the Order of Balance.


(Michel Divine - Constellations according to Bert Hellinger)

(Dan Booth Cohen -  "Family Constellations": An Innovative Systemic Phenomenological Group Process From Germany)

(Svagito - Svagito talks about Family Constellation)

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