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Dalili Zahiah

Zahiah is a clinical psychologist who provides neuropsychological assessments and psychotherapy to clients who are facing emotional distress and a wide range of mental health concerns. This includes experience providing psychotherapy to clients suffering from depression, mood disorders, anxiety, specific phobias, panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, borderline personality disorder, addiction, behavioural difficulties, anger issues, traumas, interpersonal issues and other neurodevelopmental disorders with the supervision of experienced clinical psychologists. During the mid of the pandemic, she worked with COVID - 19 patients in quarantine centres to help cope with emotional distress.

Zahiah has experience working closely with a wide age group ranging from children to adults from diverse backgrounds in multiple mental health facilities. She was trained to provide treatments to broad cases and clients in hospital settings and clinics. She believes every psychological struggle is unique to each person and aims to journey the road together with clients in the hope to reduce the discomfort to a lesser scale. She aims to provide a safe ground for clients in therapy to talk through the challenges and find the missing pieces by discovering new things about themselves and new coping strategies for a better living.

Zahiah holds a Master of Clinical Psychology Degree and BSc (Hons) majoring in Psychology and minoring in Aviation.


She is proficient in English and Malay.


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