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Tan Sze Mei (Sandy)

Sze Mei obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from Chung Shan Medical University, Taiwan.

Since 2014, she has focused on pediatric occupational therapy and has worked with children from a variety of age groups, backgrounds and challenges. She has an interest in child mental health, social skills, emotional regulation, fine and gross motor development, addressing sensory processing difficulties and working with children to improve their daily living skills.


Her passion for helping children and young adults achieve everyday activities including play, dressing, bathing and grooming, feeding and meal preparation, tying shoelaces, participating in meaningful activities with family and peers, joining in group activities, completing craft creations, and many more illustrates her dedication to her work and the families she supports.


She believes in client-centred and holistic care. She enjoys seeing people in their natural environment, getting to know them and determining ways to help them use different techniques to improve their quality of life.



• English • Mandarin • Malay

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