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Nail Biting

I Love My Nails

 Nail-biting is simply a remnant of old childhood behaviour that gave you the pleasure of thumb sucking. As such, nail-biting typically increase during the period of stress.

This behaviour may be associated with some other activity and it's something you do it unconsciously. After you have to bite your nails, only you become aware that you are biting your nails.

There are a few therapies to get rid of your unwanted habit.

1) Reverse Suggestion

2) Visualization you are enjoying your future beautiful and healthy nails.

3) Analytical Technique (some cases)

I guess your goal is to have a fabulous nail. Your therapist will therapeutically bring your unconscious habit to make it conscious. It means handing you control of your habit. Once it brought into your conscious awareness and you gain control, you finally stop biting your nails. Nice, right?

Of course, reward yourself for your success encouragement with;

- Buy a nail book

- Go for a manicure

- Buy a decent pair of nail scissors.

 Wanna get rid of your bad habit now? Especially cares for your hygiene and health purposes. Contact your therapist now!

Nail Biting: Welcome
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