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The Law of Balance

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Any injustice done to a family member in the previous generation must be balanced by acts of the subsequent generation in the same family. Whatever bad acts have entered the family system in the past and have not been atoned for will eventually manifest in subsequent generations, much like a virus in the body and later emerge as sickness.

As a result, this is not a case of "you hit me, and I hit you back." This is a much broader and deeper phenomenon at work on a transgenerational scale. According to the Bible, "the sin of fathers shall be visited upon the children." For example, if my grandmother killed someone, there's a chance I'm paying for it subconsciously. This is based solely on observation rather than any ethical reasoning.

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According to the system, if one family member is not made responsible for his or her actions, someone else in the family will be. My personal conscience compels me to make amends for a mistake I made. Without my knowing it, collective conscience compels me to balance something on behalf of a family member I most likely do not even know about.

Collective subconscious or conscience, in the subconscious part of us, there is one more "sector" in which it is placed in a file that processes something called familiar subconscious. This is something we inherited from our ancestors through our genetics. These are also the "programs" in our lives that occur automatically and unconsciously, determining our fate.

According to Bert Hellinger, the founder of Family System Constellation, we inherit various kinds of feelings, tragedies, traumas, tempers, stresses, and also the pain of a midwife whose children are dying while giving birth. We also inherit the terror and fear of living in poverty.

I am pushed by an unconscious force in this, the guilty with the collective. Finally, this demonstrates that our minds have a collective layer that holds us accountable for what we do and the impact our actions have on others. Whether or not they own it, everyone is accountable.

Case Study:

A man comes to a workshop for his issues of people often did not trust him and even afraid of him sometimes, being driven back in some way. His grandmother had an affair with a doctor, according to the research into his family history. This wasn't an official study or development programme, but the doctor had some experience with treatments and medications that can boost physical health. He did it solely to serve his own interests. Because his grandmother had a close relationship with this doctor, she agreed to let him use the experimental medicine on her baby, and the infant died as a result of the experiment.

The session showed that neither the grandma nor the doctor could look at or accept the consequences of their actions. They denied being the perpetrators of the crime in the system. The doctor became a member of the family system as a result of this denial, along with the dead kid and the grandmother's guilt. The client represents the doctor in the family system with unknown collective consciousness, which is why another dislike to him is obvious. The significance of this is that we not only reveal such entanglements, but we also apply healing phrases to release and mend them. The client had a sense of guilt and deep guilt throughout his life during this constellation session, but couldn't put his finger on it. "Dear Grandmother, I politely leave the guilt with you" one of the healing sentences said.

The balance order is the final order. This occurs in transgenerational situations, but in our daily lives, we may desire to assist others in taking on their responsibilities, which has already formed an imbalance in the system, even in a workplace. Everyone has a role and responsibility to be self-reliant, and the most important thing is that everyone has availability. We must sometimes let go and step away to observe but not to assist others in their growth. It could be painful, especially if we are dealing with a close on\e.

One of the most significant aspects of love is trust. Place your faith in other people's capacities to handle their responsibility. Is it better to give fish or to educate them to fish? You can make your own decision.

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