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The Benefits of Thanksgiving's Day!

What a wonderful opportunity to get together with housemates and family members to give thanks for all of the challenges we had gone throughout the year. These memories could create a touchstone of safety and home.

This open-heartedness and joy support our relationships and creates long-lasting connections. The feelings we experience during this festive bring us together and to expressing and receiving gratitude throughout the year.

According to the researcher, here are some benefits of being gratitude:

- Reduce depression

- Increase our confidence

- Increase mental strength

- Develop a strong immune system

- Increase sleep quality

- Reduce and cope with stress

- The deeper bond of friendships

- Increase the mood of joy

- Increase the connection between loves and empathy.

- Attracting positive people and event.

There are many ways to increase gratitude in our lives.

3 simple tips:

1. Take a deep breath and think of three people who made a difference in your life. Think about them and how these people made an impact on you. Thanks, them from your heart or send a gratitude text to them right now, for something they have done for you.

2. Draw a line in a piece of a blank paper, write 3 tragic events that happened in your life, look back on how did you overcome it and what is the strength that you gain from it. Thanks to yourself.

3. Use the comments below to share one thing you are thankful for right now.

Giving thanks to and expressing gratitude gives us joy and supports our relationships.

Thanksgiving remind us of the importance and the benefits of practising to express gratitude so we can be inspired to continue this behaviour all year long.

Think about what gratitude means to you. Share the joy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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