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How to deal with Cyberbullying?

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is bullying with the use of digital technologies. It can take place on social media, messaging platforms, and mobile phones. It is a form of repeated behaviour, aiming at scaring, angering or shaming those who are targeted.

 Examples include:

-  Posting embarrassing photos of someone on social media;

- Sending or commenting on hurtful or painful messages or warnings;

- Edited other photos or videos to create false content and upload in the social media.

When cyberbullying happens, it can make the victim feeling incapacitated, as if he or she is being manipulated and unjustly attacked constantly on all fronts. 

This prolonged agony and frustration can have serious negative consequences and affect a person's mental, emotional & social life in many many ways:

Mentally — feeling angry, confused, troubled, abused, offended and even suicidal. 

Emotionally — feeling ashamed, despair and helpless.

Physically — tired (sleeping issue ), or undergoing symptoms like stomach aches and headaches.

The self-defeating mental state can weaken the person's inner-self, preventing people from seeking help, speaking up or confronting the problem on his own. 

In severe cases, cyberbullying can even lead to a person to end his or her own life.

Useful tips to prevent cyberbullying:

1. "Google" yourself

Every once in a while search our name on all major search devices and see if any personal information or photos come up. If you find out some of the contents had been used to harm you, take action report to the relevant social media and change your password immediately. 

2. Posting photos

Before posting your photos on social media, consider if this is something safe for you to share. Bullies can use this picture as a bullet to make your life miserable. 

3. Think before you post

Don't post anything that can spoil your reputation. People will judge you based on your appearance to them from the post, and bullies can use it as fuel. 

4. Set up account privacy

Restrict who can see your posts.

5. Raise awareness: 

Bring awareness to cyberbullying whether it be through events, social media or campaign.  

If you think you’re being bullied, the first step is to seek help from someone you trust such as your parents, a close family member, another trusted adult, your school counsellor or your trusted teacher. And if you are not comfortable talking to someone you know, search for a helpline talk to a professional counsellor. 

Online users who face cyber threats can lodge a complaint with

Cyber999 Help Centre via an email to 


You may also call 019-2665850 or download the Cyber999 mobile application on your phones.

Although cyberbullying can affect us in many ways. We can overcome it.

Contact us, if you need to overcome your mental or emotional health issues.




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