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About Human Trafficking

National Inner Beauty Day on October 7th focuses on raising awareness and supporting victims of human trafficking. Everyone has a story, a passion that expresses who we are as individuals. Our strength lies in embracing that storey without filtering it through someone else’s definition of beauty.  When our core values reflect on the outside, we have given the world the gift we were born to give - By national day calendar.

This kind of modern-day slavery involves people abducting, seducing or pressuring victims for the purpose of using them for forced labour or forced sexual acts for money. Young women, teenagers or children are the most likely to be trafficked and forced to become sex slaves, prostitutes, street beggars, using for some kind of experiment or even kill them for their organs.

3 tips to avoid human trafficking.

1. Look for a safe place

If you feel someone is following you, go to the nearest building or police station and wait until that person to leave. Tell the truth and ask for help or call someone to pick you up if you can. Also, let your family members or close friends know that you’re going out and what time they can expect you to arrive at your destination.

2. Don’t Trust Easily

Some people who are victims are approached by strangers offering them a job or some type of opportunity (like a modelling or acting career). Traffickers can reach you anywhere, on social media, at school, in the mall and even at the dating apps. Some traffickers might try to get close to you or build a good rapport with you so that you can fully trust them. Women can also be traffickers and are often used to persuade victims because they seem more trusting than men. So be careful!

3. Use Your Phone Wisely

Allow a few of your closest friends or family members to track your location through the GPS so they know your position at all times.  You can set it on most of the smartphones.

Victims of human trafficking, as well as the public, can now report suspected cases anonymously to the hotline at 03-80008000, seven days a week, from 7.30 am to 9 pm.

Although it is not easy but we can overcome it!

If you were the victim or you are losing someone and it is affecting your daily life. Healing is necessary, find a therapist who can assist you to overcome it and rebuilding your life.

For mental health and emotional support you may contact us at:




National Human Trafficking Hotline - Safety Planing Information

New Straits Times - Stopping Human Trafficking

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