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You Create Miracle

 Many researches have shown hypnosis to be effective in the management of pain during childbirth, as well as improving the birth experience in general.

 Many mothers have discovered that hypnosis can miraculously improve their ability to enjoy the both experiences of pregnancy and labour. If you are pregnant, we strongly recommend you to try hypnosis and enjoy your lovely process, welcoming your baby to the world.

 The hypnosis of reviling pain helps in loss of the pain sensation. Hypnotic analgesia can be applied to childbirth and it is safe to you and your baby.

 To make this happen, you and your partner may drop by and visit our therapist when you are pregnant. The Clinical Hypnotherapist will bring you through the stages of self-hypnosis. Perhaps, in the first session so that you can practice pain control techniques. It may benefits you by increase your confidence and ability to relax.

There three stages of Obstetrics;

1) Pre-birth

- Bring the mother through the entire pre-birth, birth and post-birth experience by visualization.

- Resolve any concerns you have with regard to the birth and post-birth stage.

- Guiding on pain control.

- Work with your partner. Teaching him how to cue a relaxation and trance responses.

2) Birth

- To make sure you will always respond to the midwife or the doctors instruction, no matter which level of relaxation you are in.

- Bring you through the birth experience, including pain control where appropriate.

3) Post-Birth

- Suggestion on appropriate healing and recovery.

- To increase your confidence and helping you to cope your new life as a mother.

- Help you to re-balance your biochemistry.

- Increase milk productivity.

- Pain control during breast feeding.

 Again, if this is something you had been looking, kindly drop by and visit our therapist.

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