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I can speak fluently!

 Stammering is referred to as stuttering in the USA and Australia and Dysphemia is the medical term for it.


It can be expressed in several ways:

  • When you're having trouble saying certain words or sounds,

  • Repeat certain words, phrases, or sounds,

  • Have long pauses in sentences,

  • Prolong the sound of certain words.


 Stammer is often accompanied by a sense of losing control. This can lead to fear and anxiety increase around the pronunciation of particular words. Perhaps, there aren't any words that are impossible for a stammerer to say, only when it comes to fear.



 Many stammers worsen as the anxiety of the situation heightens the fear of saying certain words, which causes the stammer to start. If the person is in a position of authority, the situation is worsening.


 However, many of them can communicate effectively with someone close to them. Why? They are calm and relaxed, which means they are no longer fueling the fears that cause them to stammer.


What can hypnotherapy help with?

- Assist you in gaining a stronger sense of self-control.

- Reduce your anxiety in general as well as specific situations.

- Reinforce your speech

- You'll be able to interact with strangers with more confidence.


A variety of techniques will be used by the therapist, including:


- Direct Suggestion

(Refocus your attention on what you're saying rather than on how you're saying it)


- Self Hypnosis

(Reduce your overall anxiety level)


- Ego strengthening

(Allow you to feel more confident in yourself and have more self-control)


- Rehearsal



- Paradoxical advertising

(Declare that you stammer in order to increase your calmness)


Are you looking for a solution to your stammer?


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Stammering: Welcome
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