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Santhya Iyngkaran

Santhya is a Clinical Psychologist who provides psychological assessments, interventions and diagnoses for adult and child clients from diverse backgrounds. She works closely with individuals experiencing psychological struggles and has had experiences in providing services for clients with anxiety, depression, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorders, borderline personality disorders, autism, workplace burnout, interpersonal issues and etc. She also has experience in administering complex psychological assessments for adults and children. Santhya has conducted workshops and mental health screening events for students, employees and caregivers of special needs children.


Santhya uses a multimodal approach in providing interventions to best suit her client’s needs. She values mental health and believes every individual deserves the space and opportunity to seek therapy or be provided with guidance and awareness towards their mental health. Santhya ensures clients are comfortable sharing their struggles by providing a safe and therapeutic environment for everyone.


Santhya holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology and a Bachelor's in Psychology (Hons). She is proficient in both English and Malay. 


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