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Loving my Healthy Teeth

 How many of you would love to go to see the dentist? Er... I guess not much. A piece of good news here, everyone can now change with a little hypnosis.


 The applications for dental hypnosis include: Controlling Pain, Treating Phobias, Controlling Excessive Salivation or Bleeding, Controlling the Gag Reflex, Adjusting to Orthodontics such as Denture, Braces, Bruxism and so on.

 There are a lot of people have fear of drills, due to the noise and occasional pain. For some, the fear can be extreme.

Hypnotherapy can get rid of the fear of the dentist's drill. You may refer to the phobias section for more detail. Here, we briefly mention some of the techniques that may be used:


- Drive you away to your safe place during the drilling;


- Speed up your subjective sense of time so the procedure seem to finish in a second;


- Dominate the feeling of relaxation;

- Deal directly with the fear itself.


Bruxism refers to the unconscious grinding and/or clenching of the teeth, you are not eating. It is often associated with a high level of stress, anger or rage. It can be expressed day or night. Anyhow, most people experience it while sleeping.


Problems bruxism causes may include;


- Fracturing and/or erosion the teeth;

- Breakdown of the bone supporting teeth;


- If the bruxism is severe, it may fracture the jaw;


- The jaw may click (frequently sounds) when eating;


- Tempero Mandibular joint (TMJ), connecting the jaw to the skull, which may lead to a condition of myofascial pain dysfunctional syndrome, a chronically painful condition affecting the face (often only one side).



- Some headaches may be the result of undiagnosed TMJ problems. Surgery may be required.


- The therapist will mostly be using the direct suggestion for bruxism and most the above issues. But some may use the analytical way to find the root caused.


- If you do not want to wear denture soon or do not want to have a chance to have surgery, look for your therapist NOW!

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